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Wind Wheeler

The Wind Wheeler is a vehicle powered by the wind, sun, riders (4), and electric utility. Wind spins three propeller blades on the spokes of each ten-foot diameter wheel, causing the wheel to roll along the highway at six times the wind speed. Two wheels produce 300 watts/hr, in a ten mph wind. Cars traveling 60 mph create 10 mph wind which spins the Wind Wheeler along at 60 mph. While parked, the propellers capture 3 kw/day. Solar electric panels also collect 3 to 5 kw/day. . Each rider produces 100 watts/hr. Lithium batteries store 8 kw. It takes 1.5 kw/hr to travel 50 mph. Steering occurs by spinning one wheel faster than the other. Braking occurs when wheel energy goes to the batteries. The cab and wheels weigh 100 pounds. The mechanics weigh 100 pounds. It can carry 600 lb passenger load.

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